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Of course. Check out our Contact Us page. There are numerous ways on there where you can be in touch.

Nail Groomer

Question: Does PerroPal's Nail Groomer use batteries or does it plug into a wall outlet for power?

It uses 2 AA batteries to operate.

Question: My dog doesn’t like noisy or buzzing gadgets. How loud is the PerroPal Nail Groomer?

It's not very loud and tolerable for animals.

Question: Is the Nail Groomer easy to clean?

It’s extremely easy to clean. Simply use a soft wet cloth and gently brush away any dirt or debris.
You can remove the nail guard to empty out the residue and brush off anything else on the device and sanding drum. The device is not waterproof, so if you want to wash the sanding drum, remove it from the device first.

Question: Is the Nail Groomer only suitable for dogs?

It's suitable for all types of dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and other smaller animals, as well as birds. The Nail Groomer has an open face on one half for freestyle use and a medium size claw hole on the other.

Question: What’s included with my PerroPal Nail Groomer?

Your PerroPal Nail Groomer package includes:
1x Nail Groomer
3x Sanding Drums
1x User Manual

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