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I live on a small renovated acreage outside the city with my wife and 5 dogs.

Prior to moving in, we had 2 young Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. After moving into our new homestead, we added a German Shepherd, a Golden Lab, and a Dalmatian to our family.

Turns out, the problem wasn’t making sure all the dogs got along; the real issue was keeping up with all their grooming.

Thankfully, we had a PerroPal to help us out. A true friend for all dogs and their masters.


Adjusting to a New Life

Things were a little haywire after the move. My wife and I were distracted with a lot of the renovation details.

Eventually, we started hearing loud clacking sounds across our new hardwood floors. A telltale sign that the dogs’ nails needed trimming.

My oldest Cavalier, Daphne, was constantly licking at her paws. Our German Shepherd, Max, was getting snagged on everything from our crochet blankets to the carpeting.

Problem was, there was no vet or groomer nearby. And you can just imagine the logistics of packing 5 canines into an SUV for a trip to the city.

Somehow, we managed to take them in.


Fast Growing Nails Can Become a Big Problem

After spending almost $100 on nail clipping services, we discovered that the groomer didn’t do the best job. She left them all a little too long. A couple of nails on our Dalmatian, Sadie, appeared untouched altogether. The groomer told us Sadie was a handful to deal with.

Before long, we heard the clackity clack of our pets’ nails across the floors once again.


Next time I took the dogs to the vet, he charged just as much as the groomer. However, he did impart a bit of wisdom when I expressed concern about the frequency of the dogs’ nail growth.

“Dog nails are just like people’s, meaning they grow at different rates. Now that you’re living in the country, your dogs are likely missing out on the nail abrasion they had in the city. Walking on sidewalks is one way to maintain nail length.”

“Any suggestions?”

“You’ll probably want to get a good nail clipper. Maintaining their nails on a regular basis is the best way to make sure 'the quick' doesn’t overgrow.”

“The quick?”

“That’s the blood vessel in the dog’s nail. If you allow nails to overgrow, the quick extends with it. This makes trimming difficult. You really want to avoid ingrown nails and the risk of possible infection.”

He stood up Luna, my other Cavalier, and pointed out the freshly cut nails on her paw.

“You see, the claws should not touch the ground when they are in standing position.”

I thanked the doctor for his advice and picked up some more dog food, along with the most expensive nail clippers I could find.

Using Dog Clippers Can Be Scary

So, my wife and I decided to handle the job ourselves. What a nightmare.

As soon as I brought out the clippers, the dogs knew something was up. Once we managed to get them settled down (using techniques discovered online) we went to work.

Let me say, I am not a fan of using the guillotine-style nail clippers. The bigger dogs had thicker nails, and it took all my effort just to cut through. The resulting nail was often jagged and rough and required additional filing.


And the snapping crunching sound that it made. None of us liked that.

And then it happened…

Sure enough, I managed to cut one of the dog’s nails too close. Some of the dogs’ nails are black, which makes it impossible to see where the quick is positioned. With lighter colored nails, the task is much easier.

I don’t know who was more traumatized, me or the dog. I gave up at that point.


And that’s when my wife suggested we try this thing called PerroPal. She found it online after reading a bunch of positive reviews.

It was a gamechanger.


PerroPal is the Must-Have Tool for All Dog Owners

I was so happy the day my wife announced the PerroPal had arrived. Thankfully, the delivery did not take long at all.


PerroPal is a dremel tool that grinds down the nail to the desired length. It is compact, lightweight, and incredibly easy to use.

I liked that it is battery operated so there are no cords to worry about, which is especially useful when dealing with animals.

That evening, we decided to try it out on our smaller dogs. What a difference!

Initially, I was worried that the rotary action of the grinder would frighten the dogs after we turned it on. Surprisingly, they weren’t too phased by it. Of course, it helped that we had plenty of treats nearby to help the dogs become conditioned to the new tool.

Before long, Daphne was relaxed and ready for her trim.


Here’s what I found using the PerroPal.

  • The tool does all the work with minimal effort

  • Incremental trimming enables more precision

  • Just a handful of quick taps on the nail is all it takes to see results

  • You can approach the nail at any angle

  • It is less intimidating for the dog than guillotine-style clippers

  • Works on small and big dogs equally well

  • Effective even on thick and brittle nails

  • No additional filing down of the nail is necessary


If You Want the Job Done Right, Sometimes You Have to Do It Yourself

After using PerroPal for several months, we noticed other benefits we hadn’t even considered:

  • icon-1
  • Savings on grooming services and gas

  • icon-2
  • Weekly regular maintenance makes “the quick” gradually recede for easier trimming

  • icon-3
  • Regular proximity helped reduce some of Sadie’s anxieties and behavioral issues

  • icon-4
  • The process establishes your authority and helps develop trust between you and your pet

  • icon-5
  • Regular trimming permits close inspection of the paws for removal of contaminants

Spending time with your pet shouldn’t feel like a chore. PerroPal makes looking after your dog so much easier and more rewarding.


If you want to protect the health and happiness of your pet, PerroPal is the solution you need.


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